LIFE2.0 vitamin FAQs

Why is it necessary to take vitamin supplements after weight loss surgery?

Due to changes in the anatomy of the intestinal system and a decrease in the amount of food taken in, the absorption of certain vitamins and nutrients decreases. After gastric bypass surgery, nutrients "bypass" most of the stomach and the horseshoe intestine, and because of this, the absorption of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin B1, calcium and zinc is mainly reduced. These can lead to serious health problems, mainly in the form of iron-deficiency anemia, depression, damage to the nervous system, and osteoporosis. In order to avoid these, it is recommended to take adequate amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements every day, and 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery, and once a year thereafter have a complex blood test performed.

Which vitamins can be used to meet my changed needs?

You can choose between 2 possible methods for daily vitamin and mineral supplementation: You can select the necessary amount from several vitamins, for example in the following combination

  • Multivitamin: Centrum or Activel or Supradyn, 2 x 1 tablet for 3 months, then 1 tablet a day

  • Vitamin B12 0.5 mg daily (or 1 mg IM injection every 3 months)

  • Calcium citrate 1200 mg per day: CalciviD citrate tablets 4 times a day or Citrocalcium tablets

  • Vitamin D 800-1000 IU per day

  • Iron supplementation: Maltofer dragee 1x daily

Or a so-called "complex" bariatric vitamin, such as the LIFE2.0 vitamin produced by us. Please also check the exact composition of the vitamin, because not all complex vitamins contain calcium, but the LIFE2.0 vitamin contains it in the required amount.

How is it recommended to take the LIFE2.0 vitamin?

The LIFE2.0 vitamin is in the form of a flavourless powder and should be mixed into liquid-like food products. We have received very positive feedback from those who take it with yoghurt, kefir, cream soups and porridge. It is not worth putting in water or coffee, because LIFE2.0 does not contain milk powder, so it gives it an unpleasant "scratchy" texture. We have uploaded a lot of samples and ideas to our @life2.0vitamins Instagram page, for which there are always open submissions for new ideas.

What is the daily dose of LIFE2.0 vitamin?

After bypass surgery, the daily dose is 1 heaped tablespoon, i.e. 9 grams (or 2x with the supplied measuring spoon).

In the case of sleeve surgery, we recommend half of this, i.e. 1 heaped teaspoon (or 1 measuring spoon).

When can you take the LIFE2.0 vitamin after weight loss surgery?

Since the vitamin is in powder form, it can be easily and safely introduced into the body even from the first day after surgery.

Why can't the LIFE2.0 vitamin be bought at the pharmacy?

The LIFE2.0 vitamin can only be obtained by ordering from our website; it is not available in pharmacies and drugstores, and we do not expect to change this system. With online sales, no additional sales commissions, costs or resell fees being added to our prices, we can keep prices as low as possible.

Can the preparation be settled on a health fund account?

Yes, since you have received all the necessary permits from OGYÉI, there is no obstacle to this. However, in order to properly issue the invoice, we must indicate the health fund as the customer, so please let us know when you order that you would like to request the invoice this way.​​

What is the advantage of the LIFE2.0 vitamin?

It makes everyday life after bypass or sleeve surgery simple, because it is a real "all-in-one" product, i.e. it contains the vitamins and minerals necessary for everyday life in the optimal combination. Thus, it is not necessary to take separate iron, calcium, and multivitamins, nor is it necessary to take vitamin B12 injections every 3 months. As per our slogan, you will live your "new life with ease"!

Why is the vitamin made in powder form?

During the planning of the LIFE2.0 vitamin, we aimed to create an "all-in-one" product. The components are the raw materials with the best absorption indicators and the most suitable for the purpose - we made no compromises in their composition. However, this is such a large amount that the daily dose "couldn't fit" in either a capsule or a tablet, so the idea of ​​creating the preparation in powder format came about.

Can calcium and iron even be combined into one product?

Older medical textbooks did not recommend taking iron and calcium together, but recently more and more research shows that iron and calcium are still absorbed if they enter the digestive tract at the same time. This is especially true for calcium citrate, which shows much better absorption parameters in a less acidic environment than calcium carbonate. That is why the LIFE2.0 vitamin contains calcium citrate. Among the iron preparations, iron fumarate has the highest elemental iron content (about 33%), which is why we chose it. Based on current research, iron absorption takes place even in the presence of calcium, if the calcium: iron ratio does not exceed 220:1, which is 26:1 in the case of the LIFE2.0 vitamin. Currently, a Swedish and a US company also produce an "all-in-one" supplement similar to LIFE2.0 , in which calcium and iron are together.

Why is calcium citrate better than calcium carbonate?

Calcium citrate is absorbed 2.5x better than calcium carbonate in a less acidic environment, and the conditions after weight loss surgery are exactly that. However, calcium citrate is more expensive and much more voluminous than calcium carbonate, so it is no coincidence that many preparations contain the latter. LIFE2.0 vitamin contains calcium citrate.

What should I pay attention to regarding vitamin intake during pregnancy?

We do not recommend pregnancy for 18 months after previous bypass or sleeve surgery. During pregnancy, pay close attention to the intake of vitamin A, because several "complex" products contain (alpha)-retinol, which can have a harmful effect on the fetus; the LIFE2.0 vitamin contains beta-carotene, so it is also safe during pregnancy. The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is extremely important from the point of view of the body's iron supply. The LIFE2.0 vitamin contains 45 mg of iron, which in most cases is enough to satisfy the increased demand, but additional iron supplementation may be necessary if necessary.

Is vitamin supplementation necessary after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

More and more studies are appearing showing that this is recommended in the same way as after bypass surgery. The significantly reduced volume of the stomach produces much less acid, and the reduced amount of food both contributes to the reduction of vitamin and mineral absorption, although probably to a lesser extent than in the case of bypass surgery. For this reason, we recommend taking 1 tablespoon of LIFE2.0 vitamin powder per day, which is half the amount required after bypass.

How is delivery done? is our partner in the delivery of the LIFE2.0 vitamin. The cost of delivery to the approximately 500 package points in Hungary is included in the indicated price (i.e. it is free for you.) There are long-open, conveniently accessible collection points in practically every city centre. If you want direct home delivery, this is possible, but with an additional fee, which we will always discuss with you in advance. ​Delivery to countries outside of Hungary is managed on a case-by-case basis (with some unavailabilities) and has a further, small fee.

Can I pay with cash?

LIFE2.0 vitamins are produced and distributed in a "cashless environment", i.e. we cannot accept cash.

Below we provide answers to frequently asked questions about the LIFE2.0 complex bariatric vitamin. If you also have questions and cannot find the answer here, feel free to contact us.