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Do you need support coming to terms with obesity? Do you desire more information, or feel lost in the abundance of it, from so many sources? Do you want a long-term solution in maintaining your weight? Are you thinking about modern surgical intervention?

You're in the right place. We can help. With 10 years of bariatric surgery experience and more than 800 completed procedures, we can help you, either with consultation and surgery, or post-surgery follow-up and counselling in the hope of a healthier life.

gastric bypass
gastric bypass
Gastric bypass
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sleeve gastrectomy
Sleeve gastrectomy
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nissen fundo
Anti-reflux surgery
gastric band
gastric band
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Surgical treatment of morbid obesity has a decades-long history in the USA and Western Europe. In the UK it is available through the NHS, but the waiting list is around 3 years long, hence the push from more and more people to want it privately. The BodyContour Clinic (we call it Obesity Centrum) was created with the intention of presenting, in a comprehensible and richly illustrated manner, the interventions currently available in the UK and in Budapest that are proven to result in weight loss. Our aim is to bring together specialists who are at home in the discipline of treating morbid obesity, either as internists, surgeons or even plastic surgeons.​​ We are proud that we were the first to perform gastric bypass surgery in Budapest, in 2016. Duna Medical Center is our partner in the pre-surgery examination and the successful follow-through of the surgery. The equipment of the Duna Medical Center, its team of specialists and its commitment to this type of surgery contribute significantly to our success.


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